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The Winning Formula.

Peter Salerno Inc. has the pedigree of a champion. The most award-winning North American custom kitchen + bath design brand of the 21st century — say no more.

Peter and his team didn't need help defining their status as world-renowned, trendsetting home designers. All they needed was someone willing to become intimately familiar with their brand, their voice, and their clientele.

Six years and over 500 articles later, Peter Salerno's blog stands as a monument of expertise in the kitchen and bath design industry.

perk copywriting peter salerno inc. design
perk copywriting peter salerno inc. kitchen


There is no substitute for truly knowing your client. We spent the time researching Peter Salerno, his staff, their work, and their competitive space. We became de facto experts in the kitchen + bath design field and helped Peter display expertise about more than just his own work.

We covered industry topics, Pantone color trends, NKBA conventions, and high-end kitchen solutions from brands like Miele and La Cornue.

(Not to mention Peter's stunning luxury kitchen and bath designs!)

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