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Digital Marketing Strategy

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80% of consumers shop online. A dynamic digital marketing strategy doesn't bring you to those customers — it brings them to you.


Perk Copywriting offers a suite of digital marketing solutions that nurture leads, drive conversions and increase brand awareness. We base our results in trackable metrics and adjust your strategy in real time.

Here are Perk Copywriting's 6 types of digital marketing solutions. 

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The Digital Marketing Strategy Suite:
Perk Copywriting Digital Marketing Solutions

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Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

Gain your target audience's trust with high quality content marketing.

Perk Copywriting draws leads to you with powerful inbound marketing content. I keep those leads on your page until they become conversions.

Blogs, articles, landing page content and full funnel copy tell a powerful brand story.

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stay in constant


Email Marketing Campaigns

There's a big difference between effective email marketing and spam.

I craft newsletter content and value propositions that drive opens, clicks and conversions for your business.

Together, we'll go from 'sent' to 'read' to 'sold'.

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Email Marketing

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how to make SEO work for you

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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optimize your keyword strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is frustrating for many business owners. Perk Copywriting teaches you SEO in plain English.

Learn how to boost your page rank and get noticed on SERP (search engine results pages).

Then, we'll create your winning SEO strategy together.

Refined Keyword Strategy

What keywords should your business target? Which keywords can you rank for (and dominate) immediately?

I provide a suite of keyword strategy tools that drive noticeable results on Google.

Get a keyword strategy that creates a competitive advantage — even against bigger businesses.

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Keyword Strategy

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get 'em talking on social media

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Strong social media marketing isn't just about paid advertisements. Social consumers want engaging content straight from the source — you.

Perk Copywriting helps you curate your social media platforms, create conversations and generate click-through activity.

A "like" is good, but a conversion is better.

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let's talk Google, shall we?

Google Business Search

Have you claimed your Google Business Search listing? We'll take care of that process for you.

Then, we'll navigate your paid search options. Are Google Ads the best choice for you? Should you opt for more cost-effective search engine solutions?

Perk Copywriting creates a paid search vs. organic search solution that's right for your brand.

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Paid Search and Google Business

Perk Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital marketing is vital to reaching customer online.


Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, Perk Copywriting builds digital marketing campaigns that drive conversions and visibility.

Let's write your next chapter together.

I'm grateful for your trust. Talk to you soon!

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