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Startup Brand Strategy

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Starting a new business? Congratulations! You're going on one of the most rewarding, exciting adventures of your life.  I've taken this journey before — there's nothing to be scared of when we work together.


An experienced content marketing partner helps you navigate the 7 major steps of startup business marketing. Together, we'll define your brand, find your audience, and put you on the map.

Here's the startup brand strategy journey we'll take together.

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The Startup Brand Strategy Roadmap:
6 Steps to Content Marketing Success

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Who are you?

Create Brand Identity + Mission Statement.

Step 1 in every startup content marketing process is discovering your brand identity.

Who are you? What do you provide? Why are you valuable? What makes you unique?

We use the answers to these brand identity questions to craft your startup's mission statement.

Find Your Target Audience.

It's crucial for a startup business to identify its target audience. Unlike other marketing professionals, I place this step before some of the others.

You can't know what to write until you figure out who you're writing for — and what they need.

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Who do you serve?

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What do you have to say?

Develop Content Marketing Objectives.

I'll help you combine your brand identity and your target audience to create a set of startup content marketing objectives. (Start with these 5 free ones!)

Do you need a blog? Which social media platforms should you target? Should your startup utilize inbound marketing? 

I'll help you answer all these questions.

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good start!

keep going!

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whoooaaa, we're halfway there!

Scope Out The Competition.

Who are the leaders in your space? What do they do well? Where do they fall short?

Perk Copywriting's competitive industry analysis tools help you find your biggest opposition. We develop a content strategy to instantly compete in your space.

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Where do you do business?

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What do people want to read?

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let's get visible on Google! 

Identify Successful Keywords + Topics.

Great SEO helps startups pull even with competitors. Modern SEO relies on quality, engaging content built around targeted keywords and topics.

We'll build on your content marketing objectives and competitor analysis to determine the right keywords and topics to capture Google placement.

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you did it!

Launch Your Startup Brand Content Strategy.

It's time to put the pieces of your startup brand strategy together and get to work.

I use all our content marketing research and industry data to develop your startup brand content strategy.

Then, I'll help you put that strategy in action — and get your startup marketing off on the best track possible.

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How do we deliver your message?

Let's Start Up Your Startup Marketing.

Startup brand strategy and content marketing is thrilling — not scary. 

Perk Copywriting has the experience and expertise to guide your startup brand content from invisible to unforgettable.

Let's write your first chapter together.

I'm grateful for your trust. Talk to you soon!

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