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Pride in Leadership.


Authentic Leaders




Content Strategy

The Client

Authentic Leaders seeks to unleash a new generation of LGBTIQ+ leaders. This Asia-Pacific organization curates the person behind the sexual identity, unlocking individual leadership potential and fostering true self-assessment.

From their website:

"We teach human skills and facilitate transformation to help LGBTIQ+ people bring their full selves to work and beyond."

Authentic Leaders works with individuals as well as some of the world's most notable corporations. Their blended coaching aims to help you Know Thyself, Own Thyself and Show Thyself.

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The Mission

What is the next step in the journey towards Authentic Leadership? This is the question at the center of Perk Copywriting's work with Authentic Leaders.

A series of highly fruitful jam sessions, content strategy meetings and "brand-storming" hours align our focus in one clear, beautiful direction.

We're excited to share the products of our partnership with Authentic Leaders as we grow together. We're so proud to work with them.



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