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Home Management Simplified.





Home Solutions App

Content Creation, Copy Editing, Style Guide

The Client

HOMR is an exceptional home improvement solutions app where users can find high-quality local contractors and professionals for multiple home issues. 

Wish you could find the best local pest control service, roofing contractor, plumber and landscaper in one place? That place is HOMR. Download the app and discover the ease of one central hub for your home maintenance and repair needs.

perk copywriting copy editing homr
perk copywriting client HOMR

The Project

We believe HOMR represents a better way for homeowners to find and manage their home management and repair needs. The ability to find the highest-rated professionals and schedule appointments in one central hub is incredibly valuable.

Perk Copywriting amplifies and fine-tunes the HOMR branded message. We serve HOMR as researchers, copy developers and copy editors throughout the content creation process. 

We also assist in the creation and maintenance of the official HOMR Brand Style Guide to ensure seamless branded content from all future providers.



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