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Perk Copywriting Client Spotlight: Jersey Digs

A special look at Jersey Digs, a highly effective content website with a focus on New Jersey real estate, destinations and press releases.

Jersey Digs logo
Perk Copywriting Client Spotlight: Jersey Digs.

Write what you know, they say. That advice rings true in our relationship with Jersey Digs, a fellow North Jersey brand with its roots in property, retail space and local news.

As “New Jersey's go-to site for real estate and community development news”, Jersey Digs provides NJ residents with access to news about project development and business information. It's a tremendous source of information for any renter or small business owner.

Over time, the website has become so much more than that. It's full of informative articles about statewide happenings, destinations and businesses.

How did Jersey Digs blossom from a real estate news site to a true powerhouse of Garden State content? And how does Perk Copywriting provide them valuable content?

From Jersey City and Hoboken to Statewide Coverage

Jersey Digs' roots grow from Jersey City and Hoboken, two of New York's most prominent “sister cities”. Much of the site's information comes from these locations.

Pier A Park Hoboken NJ
Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ. King of Hearts, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Hudson County residents receive daily updates about real estate listings, new business ventures and services within these cities. Emphasis is placed on bustling neighborhoods like Journal Square, the Waterfront, and the Railhead District.

As the site expanded, Garden State citizens desired statewide coverage. Jersey Digs became more than a Hudson County real estate site — it's flourished into a go-to hub for New Jersey news and informative articles.

Interactive updates are readily available for avid readers, who can follow Jersey Digs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many users sign up for free email notifications.

Our Working Relationship with Jersey Digs

Jersey Digs wants informative New Jersey content that rises above mundane “ranked bullet list" articles. They find value in providing well-researched articles, written by people who know and love the Garden State.

Perk Copywriting New Jersey
Perk Copywriting creates valuable New Jersey content for Jersey Digs.

We're proud to be a North Jersey content strategy business, and writing for our fellow residents is a real treat.

Perk Copywriting creates highly optimized articles about New Jersey's best attributes. From New Jersey wineries and coffee shops to luxury Jersey Shore hotels and urban development, we deliver NJ content that transcends “copy and paste” listicles.

Our promise to Jersey Digs involves displaying true “pride of place”. We'll visit a town or location to do grassroots research. We've conducted in-person interviews with some of NJ's outstanding business owners.

We live and work here, after all. It's our obligation to provide articles that are worthy to print. (We don't want to get any flack from our neighbors!)

Optimized Content from Perk Copywriting

Our ongoing project with Jersey Digs is incredibly fulfilling. The opportunity to write in-depth articles about our home state feels like giving back — not just to online readers, but the people who live and work in New Jersey.

Whether it's a brewery in Red Bank or a ghost town in the Pine Barrens, we'll cover every inch of the Garden State to provide valuable insight and helpful news.

We're grateful to Jersey Digs for the opportunity to write about our home!

Want to be the next brand featured on our blog? Work with us — we're here to help your brand succeed. Let's start a conversation.

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