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QUIZ: What Small Business Marketing Strategy Should I Use?

Updated: May 11

Whether you need new customers, a better social media presence or higher Google results, you're asking the same question as millions of entrepreneurs: “What small business marketing strategy should I use?”

small business content marketing quiz
Scroll down to take the small business content marketing strategy quiz!

Take 90 seconds to answer 7 questions, and I'll show you where to start!

After you're done, I'll tell you what your quiz results mean — and how to overcome the 5 biggest marketing challenges that small business owners face.

What Small Business Marketing Strategy Should I Use: Take the Quiz!

You've got enough on your plate as a business owner. You don't need some complicated Q&A filled with marketing jargon. That's why I kept this quiz simple.

What content marketing tool is the right backbone for your small business? Do you need SEO and keyword research for your digital marketing strategy? How's your online reviews and referrals game? Or is it time to invest in a trusty blog to create inbound marketing leads?

Answer 7 easy questions and get the best marketing strategy for your small business!

What Your Small Business Marketing Quiz Results Mean

Thanks for taking the quiz — I know you're busy!

So, what were your results? Let's talk about the 4 primary marketing tactics in the quiz:

SEO Keyword Research + Strategy

seo keyword research strategy perk copywriting

Yes, SEO is important for small business — specifically local SEO. Local SEO is measured differently than global SEO by Google and other search engines.

Google's local SEO criteria offers small businesses a competitive edge. Check out my Local SEO Strategy 101 guide for 10 free ways to improve your local business Google ranking in one afternoon.

Blog Articles for New Inbound Leads

blog articles new inbound leads perk copywriting

You know what a blog is — but what do I mean by “inbound leads”? Inbound marketing involves creating valuable content that draws people to your website or marketplace. So why choose this approach over traditional advertising (outbound marketing)?

Inbound leads cost 61% less than leads generated by outbound ads, and convert twice as often. Save more money, then make more money? Yes, please.

Better Customer Reviews + Responses

customer online reviews perk copywriting

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. 95% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product. And did you know 4 out of 5 customers have looked up a small business online while sitting outside the store?

A lack of online reviews is like doing your work in the dark. A substantial online customer review history is like having free referral marketing, free Google ads and free brand awareness rolled into one.

A Curated Social Media Platform

social media content marketing perk copywriting

Stop dumping money into social media advertising. 74% of people are tired of social media ads — they're not the cornerstone of quality social media marketing strategy.

Take the time to curate your main social media platform — that may be Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook based on your target audience. Digital customers feel welcomed by well-crafted social content. Use a social media scheduling service to create batches of posts in advance.

5 Common Marketing Challenges for Small Business

There are 400 million small businesses worldwide (GlobalNAPS). When it comes to marketing plans, I'll bet all of them have the same 5 challenges:

  • Time

  • Budget

  • Resources

  • Metrics

  • Expertise

Let's look at each of these 5 common small business marketing challenges and the primary concern attached to each. We can use your quiz results to create simple solutions!

Time. “I have no time to work on a marketing plan.”

It's true that many small business owners and startup founders don't have the time to engage in marketing strategy. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day — but your lack of time is really about a lack of support.

If you're starting out small (or on your own), you need a content marketing partner to handle some of your marketing efforts.

Budget. “I don't have the budget to do any marketing right now.”

This is more of a misconception than a true challenge. As a fellow small business owner, I understand the need for effective marketing strategy done at an affordable scale. It's why my first consultation is always free.

There's an effective marketing strategy for every price point. The right partner creates brand awareness on your budget.

Resources. “It's just me here — there's no infrastructure to create a marketing campaign.”

Much like the challenge of time, a lack of resources equals a lack of support. Any time you spend on local SEO, claiming your Google My Business profile, writing blog articles — that's time away from a potential customer.

Sometimes, the right marketing tactic isn't an idea — it's a person. The right marketing professional understands how to implement a marketing strategy to reach your target audience while you focus on existing customers.

Metrics. “Sure, I have marketing ideas, but how can I measure their success over time?”

You're a small business owner. You don't have space for projects without clear, measurable results. It's important to establish metrics that indicate the level of success your marketing efforts create.

I love a measurable marketing goal. Every marketing channel should involve benchmarks you can track — good marketers help create those standards, and hold themselves accountable to reaching them.

Expertise. “I build houses. I sell antiques. I don't do marketing.”

So you're not a content marketing expert. You still deserve a quality marketing strategy!

Small Business Marketing: No Expertise Necessary.

Perk Copywriting exists to serve hard-working business owners. I want plumbers, coffee shop owners and landscapers to have access to the same marketing tools and strategies as large corporations.

Let's start a conversation about your quiz results, and writing the next chapter of your content marketing playbook.


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