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The 5 Cs of Great Digital Copywriting.

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Every great piece of digital copy is measured by 5 core metrics. Learn the 5 Cs of great digital copywriting and jumpstart your content marketing strategy.

You spend hours sweating over every word of your digital marketing campaign. Each one feels like a make-or-break decision.

5 Cs of great copywriting, Perk Copywriting
Learn the 5 Cs of great digital copywriting.

"Do I say 'learn' or 'discover'? What's a good synonym for 'captivate'?"

Please do yourself a favor — don't stress so much.

Good digital copywriting is measured by 5 words.

The rest really don't matter.

Establish 5 Measurables for Your Copy.

If you're looking at my website, you probably aren't a copywriter.

That's why digital copy feels so intimidating. So don't think of your content as words — think of it as a game.

Your mission: write something that fulfills the 5 Cs of great copywriting:

  • Click

  • Capture

  • Convince

  • Cater

  • Convert

Do these 5 things, and you'll win the game of digital marketing.

(If you don't like gaming alone, I'd love to be your Player 2.)

Step 1: Get the Click.

Your content doesn't matter if nobody sees it. Spend time on your titles and headings.

mouse click, perk copywriting
Content isn't any good unless it's seen. Get the click.

There are great free tools to write better headlines. Analyze your title for readability, sentiment and SEO value.

Then, take the necessary time to adjust your headline until it scores better.

Be catchy, but don't resort to clickbait. If your audience follows a headline to irrelevant information, you'll immediately lose their trust.

Now that you have them on the page...

Step 2: Capture Attention.

Lead with connection and confidence. Relate to your reader immediately.

Website visitors usually leave within 10-20 seconds. You must provide immediate value to earn several precious minutes of their time.

State your intentions clearly and immediately:

  • What are you talking about?

  • Why should they care?

  • How are you alike?

The third bullet point is pivotal. Find a quick entry point to relate with your reader, and you'll keep their eyes moving down the page.

When they do that, you have some convincing to do.

Step 3: Convince.

I'll be very clear here, since most people interpret this step incorrectly.

time is precious, perk copywriting
Your reader's time is precious. Your copy must earn it.

Your job is not to convince the reader to buy (yet).

You must first convince the reader you deserve their trust.

Digital literacy is at an all-time high. People know when they're being sold. Their expectations have grown past the sale.

They don't just expect you to prove the value of your business. They expect you to prove the value of your experience and ethics.

Spend less time talking about the sale, and more time talking about yourself.

Step 4: Cater to the Reader.

As you convince the reader of your trustworthiness, you must prove it with a commitment to serve.

Every promise you make must be kept. Every offer you extend must be fulfilled.

Use your words to convey an understanding of your audience.

Talk about their lives. Their goals. Their struggles and pain points.

Clearly state how you can — and will — cater to their needs.

Then, and only then, you'll be worthy to ask for their action.

Step 5: Convert.

A strong call to action (C2A) isn't defined the way it was 20 years ago.

As with your opening copy, it must provide a strong value proposition.

Don't just say "click here". Tell them why.

Extend an invitation that has real merit.

It's the reason every first consultation from Perk Copywriting is free. I'm bound by my own beliefs to offer as much value as possible.

I must invest in you before you choose to invest in a working relationship with me.


The Path to Great Digital Copywriting.

I hope you found value in this article. Digital marketing doesn't have to feel daunting — you just need to find ways to measure your success.

The 5 Cs of great digital copywriting are a great start.

If you still need help, I'd love to have a free chat with you.

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